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Here I am again. This is my work wear today.

Trousers: Fairly

Top: Zara

Shoes: MARCO (Check on this topic on my Work Wear. Friday)

This is my wonderful Roberto Cavalli bag:

I created a similar alternative on Polyvore and I am trying to sort things out on how to post it here. See me soon on Polyvore as well.


I have gone to Carlo Forte for years and close to my Forties I developed a strong connection to this wonderful place.

There is too much to tell about this island that cannot be squeezed in a single post . So this subject is going to be divided into several posts.

Let’s start with the natural beauties like this one.

This is the beach called “La caletta” perfect for the surfers when the mistral blows and for the families when the southwest wind blows. – I wasn’t really a wind expert till few years ago. But as a Sardinian woman I couldn’t get around this issue if I wanted to enjoy the beach in summer and so I had to start dealing with them.- So, on Saturday we stood up and no sign of mistral, so we head to La Caletta which looks like this in the sunlight.

And here we had lunch.

– For the food see my next post –

 And I fell in love with this house (the architecture and design of Carlo Forte houses are going to be part of another post too).

I am considering moving here, if the owners move out …

On Saturday the Mistral was blowing so we head to “La Bobba”.

where we swam and lay in the sun and ate sea urchins on the rocks, which was an unforgettable experience.


And then it was already time to go and we waved goodbye to the Carlo Forte promenade from the ferry.

This was my work wear today:

A vintage DKNY and MARCO shoes.

Few lines about the shoes. I discovered MARCO shoes in the center of Milan, Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, and I felt in love with them. The quality is awesome and the price is absolutely accessible. There is a wide range to choose among, from classic to brand new, from black and white to every kind of colors. It doesn’t matter if I need shoes for a night out or for a relaxing holiday, I always find here what I am looking for.

Have a look:

To complete my style, this was my bag at work today (and it’s going to be for the week-end because it is pretty handy and stylish at the same time):

It is a vintage Versace. I wear it night and day, at work and for going out. We are good friends so she is going to come with me to Carlo Forte too 🙂

P.s. And obviously my brand new blue Ti Sento ring!

I love Pinterest and you can find me here:


1. International Fashion

2. Italian Fashion

3. Food from all over the world

4. Italian food

5. Kids

and much more.

Let me know 🙂





This week-end Carlo Forte is going to be my relaxing place. It is a small island near a big island, Sardinia.

Full of amazing beaches, I am going to have just to pick up one taking in consideration which kind of wind is blowing. Another option could be this one:


In the evening, brown and relaxed I am going to do some shopping here


and here:


and eat some of this:


and of this:


I can’t wait!!!

I’ll take you updated on my shopping and the secret addresses in the village.

Have a nice week-end

My friend Susanna gave me this wonderful present from Ti Sento for my birthday! I love it!!!

You can have a look at Ti Sento wonderful collection here:

So here I am!

Mom of a princess, in love with life and everything what is beautiful.

This is my personal and family blog where you will find: places to go, clothes for women and children, design for adults and kids, food, art, jewelry and much more.

Hope you like it 🙂

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