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I have been planning to write this post since I have started (not so long ago) this blog.

So here a list of food you should absolutely try if you are in Carlo forte (my mouth is already watering).

1) Focaccia Carlofortina: you can eat plain or filled with cheese, ham, mortadella and thousand of other variations.







2) Farinata di ceci o Fainè: which is like a focaccia made with chickpeas flour.

My favourite place is La Pizzeria Da Gerolamo (Piazza Carlo Emanuele III 25, Carloforte, Italy). I buy both focaccia and fainè there, they bake them (and pizza as well) in a huge wood stove and you can enjoy the food sitting in a lovely Piazza and watching people strolling and chatting.

3) Tuna: Carloforte is worldwide famous for its Tuna. Japanese come here during the “Tonnara” to buy the best tuna and bring it to Japan for sushi and sashimi! So try everything that has tuna in it!

Here just some suggestions:

– Tuna Appetizer: here you find bottarga, musciame, tuna heart, figatellu e tunigna. They are several parts of the tuna prepared in very different ways. Delicious!

Linguine with tuna, olives, pecorino and capers

Spaghetti with bottarga (Bottarga is a salted dried roe of either mullet or tuna. It is sometimes called ‘poor man’s caviar’)

Spaghetti alla tabarkina: with tuna, olives, tomato sauce, anchovies, capers and garlic.

Tuna mousse: to eat on bread or focaccia

4) Cas-ca (couscous) with vegetables or with fish: the best one is here  Nicolo is famous as the best restaurant in Carloforte and every food you are going to eat here, it’s going to be memorable!

5) Carloforte salad: made with gallette carlofortine, tomatoes, tuna and eggs. Add oil and salt and linger on this summer taste.

There is thousand of other recipes to taste in Carloforte but these are my favourite ones.




On Saturday and Sunday we were again in Carloforte but this time a friend  invited us to join him on his sailing boat and these were the pictures of the amazing natural beauties I took.













That’s it for this post. I let these amazing beauties speak for themselves.

Ps. Carloforte is a paradise for sailing.


This was the dress my daughter picked up for the Birthday mentioned in the previous post.


It’s by Il Gufo.

We love their products: the quality is excellent, the style is classic but trendy at the same time and, first of all, they are extremely comfortable. If we don’t find the right measure or the dress we are looking for in our shops, we buy it in their online store.

The shoes are by Gallucci (, an Italian shoemaker which manufactures handmade children shoes since 1950. These shoes have an anatomical underfoot, a transpiring sole and give the child a total stability. And they look stunning!


We had matching dresses 🙂

but her shoes were much more fancy than mine 🙂



We went yesterday to a wonderful birthday party, an escape from the city life.

We had  sun, nice weather and a wonderful sea view.

The house is near Porto di Capitana, ten minutes outside Cagliari, and it has stairs which lead to the beach. But the children decided to run and play in the beautiful garden (which was more relaxing by the way then having to run after them on the beach :)).

While mothers were chatting and relaxing, children were enjoying the delicious buffet: small pizzas, mini focaccia with olives and ham, savoury mini croissant with raw or cooked ham, salami, cheese and mortadella, crispy chicken and mini tramezzini in every possible combination.

We had music and entertainment…

and I forgot to take pictures of the birthday cake (I will improve, I promise!).

But before going away I took some other pictures of the wonderful view

and of the sunset.

It was great. We went home in a very good mood singing “Just call me maybe” in the car ad eating the food our kind guest gave us to bring home.

Life is wonderful!

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This morning, while I was heading to my car, I took this picture.

And then driving to work, I had to stop to catch these moments.

They were taken with my mobile camera but i believe you can see the flamingos, right?

In Cagliari (and in other places in Sardinia) there are flamingos and I think not many people know that. I wake up and, looking out of the window, I see them flying over my head. In front of me on one side the Mediterranean sea and on the other the old part of the city.  

Taken in Cagliari, Sardinia, in June 2007

Taken in Cagliari, Sardinia, in June 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)









Life can be wonderful.

Is it this nectar of the gods already famous all over the world??? NOOOOO!!!! Impossible!

OK, first of all I have here to give you an important information: I am, as most of Italians, an Espresso addicted. This means, I realize I am alive after the second Espresso in the morning. And obviously during the day several other ones follow.

This summer a friend of mine invited me to try this new product and I felt in love with it.

You can have:

1) A simple frozen coffee cream

2) A frozen coffee cream with milk and cacao decorations

3) A frozen coffee cream, cold Espresso, milk and raw sugar

and 4) a frozen coffee cream with chopped hazelnuss

I am not sure which one I prefer so I taste them over and over trying to make a decision 😉

1. Buy this bikini


2. Get tanned

3. Swim and play in the water with my daughter till we turn into fishes

4. Try not to eat too much (difficult, very difficult in Italy)

5. Buy a new camera

to take pictures of this

or of this

6. Enjoy my new addiction (more about this in the next post)

7. Have a siesta EVERY AFTERNOON



8. Read read read

9. Snorkeling

10. Just relax


Italian women and girls are obsessed with their nails. 

Some like them classical (french manicure or red), others like them full of colors and decorations but anyway we take good care of our nails, which is no always as simple as it sounds whith the daily routine of work-children-house. So we discovered two solutions for long-lasting perfect nails.

Manicure with the Gel or semi-permanent nail polish, called Shellac.

My choice is the Gel Manicure for my hands as my nails are not as beautiful as I wish them to be. The product used in my saloon is the one by La Femme and I find, it suits perfect for my needs. With the Gel, my beauty specialist can make my nails as strong, long and feminine as I long dreamt of.

I am more the classical type and this was my last Gel Manicure.

And my pedicure is obviously matching!

But on my feet I use the semi-permanent nail polish by Shellac as the Gel seems to be too strong for my toes nails.

Red is usually for the summer but my favorite style is the french manicure.

Both Gel and Shellac last a month, my hands are always perfect and feminine and I am very proud of my nails (which are red-ready for my next holiday now).

So, what about you girls and women outside Italy? Are other countries as obsessed with nails as Italy is?

Let me know 🙂


If you like my posts (holiday, fashion or food – and wait for the upcoming ones;) ),


Here I am again. This is my work wear today.

Trousers: Fairly

Top: Zara

Shoes: MARCO (Check on this topic on my Work Wear. Friday)

This is my wonderful Roberto Cavalli bag:

I created a similar alternative on Polyvore and I am trying to sort things out on how to post it here. See me soon on Polyvore as well.


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