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We went yesterday to a wonderful birthday party, an escape from the city life.

We had  sun, nice weather and a wonderful sea view.

The house is near Porto di Capitana, ten minutes outside Cagliari, and it has stairs which lead to the beach. But the children decided to run and play in the beautiful garden (which was more relaxing by the way then having to run after them on the beach :)).

While mothers were chatting and relaxing, children were enjoying the delicious buffet: small pizzas, mini focaccia with olives and ham, savoury mini croissant with raw or cooked ham, salami, cheese and mortadella, crispy chicken and mini tramezzini in every possible combination.

We had music and entertainment…

and I forgot to take pictures of the birthday cake (I will improve, I promise!).

But before going away I took some other pictures of the wonderful view

and of the sunset.

It was great. We went home in a very good mood singing “Just call me maybe” in the car ad eating the food our kind guest gave us to bring home.

Life is wonderful!

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Is it this nectar of the gods already famous all over the world??? NOOOOO!!!! Impossible!

OK, first of all I have here to give you an important information: I am, as most of Italians, an Espresso addicted. This means, I realize I am alive after the second Espresso in the morning. And obviously during the day several other ones follow.

This summer a friend of mine invited me to try this new product and I felt in love with it.

You can have:

1) A simple frozen coffee cream

2) A frozen coffee cream with milk and cacao decorations

3) A frozen coffee cream, cold Espresso, milk and raw sugar

and 4) a frozen coffee cream with chopped hazelnuss

I am not sure which one I prefer so I taste them over and over trying to make a decision 😉

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