Italian women and girls are obsessed with their nails. 

Some like them classical (french manicure or red), others like them full of colors and decorations but anyway we take good care of our nails, which is no always as simple as it sounds whith the daily routine of work-children-house. So we discovered two solutions for long-lasting perfect nails.

Manicure with the Gel or semi-permanent nail polish, called Shellac.

My choice is the Gel Manicure for my hands as my nails are not as beautiful as I wish them to be. The product used in my saloon is the one by La Femme and I find, it suits perfect for my needs. With the Gel, my beauty specialist can make my nails as strong, long and feminine as I long dreamt of.

I am more the classical type and this was my last Gel Manicure.

And my pedicure is obviously matching!

But on my feet I use the semi-permanent nail polish by Shellac as the Gel seems to be too strong for my toes nails.

Red is usually for the summer but my favorite style is the french manicure.

Both Gel and Shellac last a month, my hands are always perfect and feminine and I am very proud of my nails (which are red-ready for my next holiday now).

So, what about you girls and women outside Italy? Are other countries as obsessed with nails as Italy is?

Let me know 🙂